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Classy Media is a design boutique that specializes in branding, website design and development, printed material, social media marketing, and newsletters.

Sarah Solomon, owner and lead designer, attended Bryant University for her undergraduate studies and Bentley University for her MBA. She is married to a sweet Texan boy whom she successfully persuaded to move east with her. They live with a Dachshund named Tex, Daisy the Beagle, and Iris the cat.

Sarah has 13 nieces and nephews in the area. She enjoys attending a minimum of one kid’s birthday party each month in addition to frequent visits to beaches, pools, country music concerts, music festivals, and family gatherings on the Cape with her family.

She likes to travel, knit, and run road races. She has toured France, Iceland, London, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, and Italy and enjoys taking a least one beach vacation each summer. However, she has a burning desire to travel the world in 40 days with only a back pack to places off the beaten path where she can feel a true connection to these places she is visiting and eat local cuisine and imbibe regional wines.

She ran the New York City Marathon in memory of her Aunt who passed away due to Pancreatic Cancer, and then decided running 26.2 miles at one time is fairly ridiculous. She continues to run a ½ marathon every other month. She also considers herself a “Groupon hobbyist,” who, thanks to Groupon, has tried trapeze, glass blowing, jewelry making, sushi rolling, wine making, and scuba diving.

Something you don’t know about Sarah: When she was little, her sister and a friend in the neighborhood had chickenpox and her mom made her hang out with them so she would get it – like that Simpson’s episode.