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freewatt One Page Sell Sheets

I worked with our web development company, Fishnet NewMedia, to revamp the website.
freewatt Sugar CRM Integration

Climate Energy needed a web form to gather people’s information as they visited the website. I created the web form seen here (not the design) and it has been working well for five years now. The information is directly imported into their Sugar CRM. The form is longer than I would typically suggest but the freewatt product is truly unique.

freewatt Direct Mail Postcard

This direct mail postcard we created for a reseller of the freewatt product. This was a large format postcard with a strong graphic on the front and text describing the product on the back.
freewatt Literature/Brochures

I created the entire line of freewatt product literature. This included a single-stage furnace, double-stage furnace, boiler, and hot water heater.The technical drawings for these brochures were provided. I was responsible for the layout and design direction.

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