I have a Facebook Page, do I really need a website?

I have a Facebook Page, do I really need a website?

The answer is YES! Yes, you need and want to have a dedicated business website not just a Facebook page.

As a marketing professional and a web designer I hear this question from a lot of small business owners. They started a Facebook business page because it is free and are hesitant to pay for the design and hosting of a business website.

Here are a few reasons why having a website for your business is necessary:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People search Google not Facebook: When searching for a business or service, people turn to Google. A dedicated business website that is optimized by a professional will increase your chances of being found. A website carries much more weight in SEO than a Facebook page does.
  • Credibility: People trust businesses that invest in assets, such as a website. It seems that anyone can start a “business” these days. Taking the time and investing in a professional website for your business shows customers that you are a serious business rather than a fly-by-night operation.
  • Not everyone is on Facebook: Not everyone that goes online is on Facebook. A business website allows you to reach those that do not log onto Facebook frequently or at all.
  • Facebook changes their policies frequently!: When using Facebook to promote your business you are at the mercy of their policies and procedures. As a small business owner who wears many hats, do you have time to keep up with the current regulations on Facebook? Not following their policies means they can delete your business page.
  • Competition: Facebook sells highly targeted advertisements to help you get the most from your marketing dollars. These ads may allow your direct competitor to show up right on your Facebook business page changing your potential customer to their new customer. This would never happen on your website.
  • Facebook has limitations: Facebook is great for sharing photos and status updates but can you upload a pdf document or create a private client log-in area? A website gives you more flexibility and less limitations.

I would suggest having both a business website and a Facebook page. If investing in the design and development of a website is your main objection, please look at our Value of a Website post. A website is your greatest sales tool and will easily pay for itself.

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